For married mummies who think feminism is not for them….

Megan Westra

Image(credit: Robyn Vining)




She was the greatest little surprise I could never have even begun to imagine.

My nose. Her father’s eyes.  A personality all her own.


I had been told all my life that motherhood was the ultimate fulfillment in a woman’s life.


For me, it has been more like the ultimate drive.

Like Indiana Jones running away from a giant bolder, the urgency of Kingdom come has never been more real.

 A fire at my back and in my bones and cradled in my arms.


I became a feminist shortly after I gave birth to my daughter.

My liberation came not in renouncing marriage and motherhood, not in the pursuit of a career, or the burning of my bra. What lit the fire of demanding equality for my gender was the thought of my child growing up in a world where…

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