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It’s been flipping brilliant to see my sister’s blog get a whopping 637 views in its first 4 days of existence. ‘F is for Feisty’ was born making waves because it deserves to be.

Kate’s blog speaks for itself. But in case you were wondering, I can give you a bit of insider knowledge. F is for Feisty is worth reading because it’s not only interesting and funny – it’s also and only very real.

Knowing the author means I trust F to entertain, challenge, inform, possibly agitate, occasionally annoy, often move and frequently inspire me. Because that’s what happens when Kate happens. But most of all I trust this blog because it’s sincere and (sorry Burt) in my opinion – that’s what the world needs most. Sincerity, sweet sincerity.

Kate isn’t claiming to have all the answers – she’s doing something way more important and intelligent than that. She’s being interested in the questions and willing to explore possible ways of answering them with brains, love and guts. Which includes considering what other people think.

And at 637 deep, we’ve only just begun. Whether those 637 views are people saying YEY or NEY I’m sure I can speak for Kate in saying you are all very welcome in the F club. It’s natural to have differences of opinion, because we are PEEPS which means we came out of the womb with all the McDonalds gold stars in doing just that. And because most of us don’t talk about feminism much so how could we all robotically have drawn the same conclusions?

Disagreements are sold short. Bad branding. They should get a rebrand with DISAGREEMENTS CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE! written in glow-in-the-dark tartan and with sexy business cards. Disagreements come with loads of freebies like opportunities to learn, let go, be cool, practise breathing, eat food together, grow brain cells, practise love, admire people, respect yourself, remember you need people, remember people need you. So let’s have ‘em.

And sometimes its even braver to agree than disagree – so I’m looking forward to some of those too. Especially the fist-pumps between unexpected allies. We’ll discover we have more in common than we think. It was hilarious (as well as illuminating and concerning) to hear successful TV cook Mary Berry announce that feminism was a dirty word and she “didn’t want women’s rights and all that” this week. Perhaps she just can’t be bothered to have a career anymore, wishes she never learned how to read, got bored of choosing how to spend her money and ran out of ideas for her own opinions. Each to their own. But I’m pretty sure she’s enjoying many rights without realising. She cited not liking shouting and wanting to respect men as reasons to reject feminism, but this only highlights her misunderstanding of it. Good news, Mrs Berry – feminism is with you. We like the same things. We can be friends.

If nothing else, I think 637 views confirms that now is a good moment to flop some of this stuff right out on the table. That feminism is worth a chat. It’s the only way. Let’s roll our ideas, questions, hopes and dweeby facts out in the stark light of day so we can all have a good poke. Under a star-spangled banner that says ‘no judgement here’. And like a road trip with room for everyone (who rides with respect. And we’ll even take some disrespecting hitch-hikers for a bit.)

 Thanks for your feedback Lara!


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